Simple Refinance Analysis
Enter the expected number of years until sale or refinance
Enter the Terms of Your Existing Loan     Current
The original balance of my current loan was
Monthly Principal and Interest Payment
Enter the Terms of the Proposed Loan     Proposed
Loan Amount
Monthly Principal and Interest Payment
Monthly Savings vs. Current Loan
Approximate Closing Costs as a percent of loan amount at
Months to Recoup Closing Costs
Total Payment Savings over the number of years selected
Total Payment Savings less Closing Costs
This is a basic analysis of the potential value of refinancing and is a great place to start. Other more sophisticated calculators are available, yet if value is evidenced here, it's almost always a good indication of the overall potential savings. Deeper analysis can be warranted, yet if used correctly, a cash flow improvement and expected ownership beyond the break-even point can be reason enough to take advantage of refinancing opportunities.

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