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Fixed vs. Hybrid ARM Loan Analysis
If you won't be in your home longer than 3-10 years, there can be significant savings by using blended loans. A Hybrid or Blended ARM has a FIXED rate for the first 3, 5, 7 or even 10 years before then becoming adjustable.
Enter the Terms of Your Current Loan
Original Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Loan Term
Current Remaining Loan Balance
Expected number of years until sale or refinance
Enter the Terms for New Fixed and Hybrid Loan Options
New Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Loan Term
Monthly Savings vs. Current Loan
Total Savings over years selected vs. Current
Extra Savings with Hybrid ARM
Principal paid
Extra Principal paid with Hybrid ARM
Total Savings and Principal Paid
Total Extra Benefit of ARM vs. FIXED

A traditional adjustable rate loan can be riskier than a fixed rate, yet today's popular "hybrid" ARM loans can also provide a very tangible benefit for those who don't expect to have their home or their loan past the initial fixed period.. These loans have rates that are fixed and locked in for exceed the average time between refinancing or sale.

A fixed rate loan is a great insurance policy against future uncertainty, yet, like all insurance it comes with a premium attached. If you think you may sell or refi within the first 3-7 years or more, a hybrid ARM may be just the thing you need to maximize your savings or help you get started on other financial goals like saving for retirement or college educations.

Either way, it pays to consider all options, if for no other reason than to be sure you've made a good choice. I'm here to provide both the tools and the expertise needed to help you come to a well-considered conclusion for your particular goals and needs.

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