Mortgage Free Calculator

I want to be mortgage free in
My current loan was for
My current interest rate is
The term of the loan was
I have had this loan for
Current Loan Balance $000,000
Current P & I Payment $0,000.00
New P & I Payment $0,000.00
Extra to Add Each Month $000.00
$0,000 P & I
0 Years
$0,000 P & I
0 Years
Interest Savings Remaining Interest
$00,000 $000,000
Adjust your timeframe:   0 Years
Interest Savings
Interest Remaining on Current Loan $000,000
Interest to Pay on Shorter Term $00,000
Interest Savings $00,000

An Alternative to Shortening Your Loan by 0 Years

Instead of adding extra to the principal, invest the same amount:

Extra Amount per Month $000.00
Investment Rate of Return @
Total Value of Investing $000,000
Total Interest Savings by Pre-Payments $00,000
Extra Value of Investing vs. "Saving" $00,000